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The Southborough & Kaniv Association

A friendship between the towns of Southborough and Kaniv began in the year 2001, when representatives of the towns met at the European Project for Youth in France. The friendship developed strongly and in 2005 the Southborough and Kaniv Association (SAKA) was founded. Now citizens of Southborough visit Kaniv as welcome guests and citizens of Kaniv are similarly welcomed in Southborough.
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A small town of
South East England
in the county of Kent,
the ‘Garden of England’.
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A town on the western bank
of the River Dnieper,
in the province of Cherkasy,
situated in central Ukraine
The Aims of SAKA in Southborough
* To develop and promote friendly contacts with people living or working in the town of Kaniv in the Cherkasy Region of Ukraine, together with others who may have an association with Kaniv through family or friends.
* To promote visits by groups or individuals between the people of both towns, giving financial support whenever possible, or necessary.
* To provide hospitality for individuals visiting Southborough from Kaniv
* To encourage our younger citizens to develop friendships, perhaps initially as pen friends, with youngsters living in Kaniv.
* To support and encourage the learning of the English language in schools and colleges in Kaniv.
* To encourage and support members of SAKA to understand more of the culture and languages of Ukraine.
* To uphold equal opportunities and work for good relations between both towns.
* In the long-term, largely dependent on the growth of SAKA, to improve the environment of those living in Kaniv by undertaking minor projects in and around the town.